lavishvia said: Of course I do baby, eye gotcha when u come to Boston 😘

dirty sanchez

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Anonymous said: have you got any tracks in the works with the Underachievers?

Eye just sent Dash the beat a few days ago. Me and Ak got one alrdy.

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knuckleehead said: When are ya'll doing a show in florida ?


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Anonymous said: You and the Pros need to come to Tallahassee. Tally needs to realize what real Hip Hop consists of.

Everyone needs to realize.

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Anonymous said: What's the chance you'd take an hour to chop it up and burn one with a huge fan of the movement from Vegas. Imma be in NYC tomorrow-monday if ya'll prodies gonna be back.

you got sumchins?

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thatmusictalk-deactivated201309 said: When's Pro Era coming to Stavanger in Norway, myg!!!


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Anonymous said: do u have any of ur earlier unreleased shit that u wouldnt mind giving your loyal devoted fans ?

Close Encounterz Of The 3rd Kind. The Yellow Tape.

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Anonymous said: You influence me! You open my third eye which made me really see, research and read about our own world. I'm from the city of chicago and I hope one day we cross paths to make music together!- Castaway Willy

Chicago’s the game and I’m all for the win…

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Anonymous said: How much do you guys charge for a show? Like a party and what not.


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Anonymous said: What type of camera was used in "Free The Robots" and "Survival Tactics"?


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Anonymous said: Thanks bruh no question just thanks your music came through while I was finding myself as a person now I know who I am and my purpose. Thanks Steez.

SWANK. Thats what ascension will do for u.

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Anonymous said: Would you date a girl taller than you?

Nawww Eye probably wouldn’t.

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afroopower said: Hey :) Who's your favorite reggae artist?


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